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About us: 

BRITISH ASSOCIATION OF NGOs and HUMANITIES EXPERTS is a non-governmental social organisation (NGO) managed by a company UK SPOT LTD. It started its substantive activity in 2013 in the structures of UK BUTTERFLIES LTD. Currently, the Association has been bought by UK SPOT LTD.

The founders of BANHE are therapists, psychologists, pedagogues, vocational counsellors, lecturers of social sciences, trainers, and people associated with the NGO sector from Poland and United Kingdom.

Our association as a non-profit organisation deals professionally with the issues of vocational orientation and guidance, international projects, British projects, networking, and support of the Unincorporated Association, which want to register in Companies House.

BANHE wants to actively and pragmatically join the current of changes that the United Kingdom is undergoing, shaping and influencing our most precious wealth - human resources and cooperation between British- Polish organisations operating in the UK.

The members of the Association are currently specialists in the field of vocational guidance, project management, pedagogues, teachers, therapists, lecturers, translators, social workers, community workers, etc. and NGOs from Poland and United Kingdom.

The NGO sector is a field of knowledge which, both in the world, as well as in Poland and the UK, is beginning a very important element of the transformation of the economy, where a very fast pace of changes necessitates a flexible and accurate adaptation of the NGO's offer to society's needs.

The goal of BANHE is networking, promoting Polish organisations in the UK, exchanging experiences, exchanging good practices, sharing free materials, multimedia developed within projects, disseminating activities of the organisation and cooperation. We focus on the synergy effect, where 2 + 2 = 5. In cooperation there is strength.



  • If there is any one secret of success, it lies in the ability to get the other person's point of view and see things from that person's angle as well as from your own.

Henry Ford

Who can become a member of our Association


To become a member of BANHE you must:

- have a master's degree in fields such as pedagogy, psychology, social sciences, social studies, management and / or post-graduate studies in the aforementioned sciences. In particular, we invite people who work as pedagogues, teachers, social workers, vocational counselors, community workers, teachers in Saturday schools, teacher assistants, kindergarten school employees, family support workers, outreach officers, community workers, lecturers, trainers, school therapists, therapists , neurotherapists, PhD students of  social sciences etc.

If you have any doubts about whether you can join BANHE, please contact us by email at

- If you do not have higher education or completed post-graduate studies in the above-mentioned fields but are able to prove minimum of 3 years work in the related fields then we would like to welcome you

- be a volunteer for a minimum of 3 years in the field of social support

  If you do not meet the above requirements, please contact the team members about becoming an associated member. The applications are considered individually. Qualifications are checked as part of the application process.

 NGO Organisations

We welcome social groups, NGOs unincorporated associations, NGOs limited by guarantees, NGO Community Interest Companies, Charities, Foundations, Associations, Schools, Universities.

Our Members

Our Partners